How to Dress Like a Classy Cougar Woman

If you are a cougar woman you may want to dress in a certain way to attract younger men. There is a common misconception that all cougar women should go for the mutton dressed as lamb look, flashing all of their flesh, squeezing their breasts together and plastering make up all over their face, to create a look that could rival even the most outrageous make up counter girls.

The fact is that young guys will prefer it if you dress your age – sexy, but sophisticated. After all they would be with a younger girl if they wanted to. Sure you can show off your best assets, but not all at once and only if you have the figure for it. So here are some tips to help you dress seductively, whilst remaining one classy cougar.

1. Wear natural make up – It is a good thing to use make up to enhance what you already have, but keep it natural. Piling on tons of brightly colored make up will only make you look like a transvestite.

2. Show ONE sexy area – The kind of cougar women that guys are more likely to laugh at than hook up with are the ones flashing the most skin. I know you are probably fit and gorgeous, but this is a rule even young women should stick to. Flash either your legs, cleavage, back or midriff and to be honest ladies, unless you’re on the beach try to avoid the midriff. Do not show all these bits off at once, or you will look like a tramp. Show off a bit of flesh to get the cub’s attention, but leave the rest to the imagination.

3. Draw attention to that sexy area – Once you have decided which bit to show off (the best bit obviously) subtly draw attention to it. A pretty necklace will draw the eyes to your chest, a good fake tan (not orange!) can show off long legs and a sexy back.

4. Choose colors that work with your skin tone – Stand in front of the mirror and try on a few different colored clothes. You will soon see which colors make you look healthy and glowing and which make you look a bit ill.

5. Wear sexy underwear – Sure your chosen cub won’t see it (unless you want him to), but sexy undies, ideally with a bit of support or a boost, will make you feel more confident and just as gorgeous as all those young things at the bar.

6. Wear high heels – A fantastic pair of shoes will make you stand tall and feel more confident and sexy, plus they will make your bum look great and so much tighter. What a great excuse to go shopping!

7. Smile! – Wearing a smile is the most important accessory for any classy cougar. Not only will you feel better when you smile, but guys will see you as more approachable. A smile shows a woman who likes to have fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

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