If you are a cougar woman you may want to dress in a certain way to attract younger men. There is a common misconception that all cougar women should go for the mutton dressed as lamb look, flashing all of their flesh, squeezing their breasts together and plastering make up […]

For a couple of years before the pandemic, regular fits were wardrobe staples, like true-to-size tees or jeans. Where are those clothes now? Tucked into the loft or donated to organizations; we assure. With shopping priorities changed over time, comfort is key and oversized seems statement today. And trust us, […]

The only constant thing in this world is change. Cliché, but it’s true. It applies to almost everything but it applies more to fashion. Fashion trends change every now and then. Change in trend means change in your wardrobe. Hence, change in wardrobe means you will need to buy new […]

Identified as one of America’s top designers, Tommy Hilfiger started his profession in trend just after graduating from high faculty. He married his initial spouse, Susie Cirona, in 1980. 2 Tommy Hilfiger is a renowned fashion designer How many children does Tommy Hilfiger have? Tommy Hilfiger is the father of […]

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