10 Ways to Make Your 1st Wedding Anniversary Special

It is your first wedding anniversary, 365 days of a roller-coaster ride that transformed your life completely, and you are determined to prove to her that the romance did not end with the honeymoon. But, help, you cannot seem to go beyond the usual flowers and chocolates. You even toyed with the idea of (heaven forbid!) electrical appliances, but wisely discarded it. D-day is fast approaching and you are about to slip into the panic mode.

Hey, wipe that sweaty brow and take a hold of these handy tips. Choose the ones that suit you best and pat yourself on the back when you see her go all goose-bumpy and misty-eyed!

Paper is the traditional gift associated with the 1st wedding anniversary year. And, what can you do with paper? Loads of stuff, trust me.

  1. Anniversary Memory Book — Sentiments run high around anniversary time; your conversations are peppered with, “Remember when…” Why not capture all those wonderful memories in a beautifully-designed wedding anniversary memory book, in which you can stick all those photos? The ones that are still lying around in a box!
  2. Cards — Time-tested and a must on such occasions. Select one that is dripping with romance. Or tickle her funny bone with a cutely worded but sentimental card.
  3. Tickets — Hear the delighted cries of your spouse when she discovers that you have slipped two tickets under her pillow for a romantic weekend getaway.
  4. Books — If she is a book-worm (real books as opposed to flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine), see if you can find the first edition of her favourite author. If you are not sure as yet who her favourite author is, check out the titles in her bookcase.
  5. Pen her a love letter! In these days of emails and text messages, this charming and old-fashioned art of wooing has almost become extinct. Choose a good quality paper and pour out all your feelings — tell her how lucky you are to have a woman like her in your life. Thank her for accepting you and for filling the last 365 days with so much joy. Warning — this is NOT the time to point out any of her flaws, not even the tiniest one.

Clocks are the modern/ contemporary gifts associated with the 1st wedding anniversary. Time you considered giving one?

  1. Give her a beautiful antique clock — Be sure to slip in a note that tells her she is as special and exclusive as the clock.
  2. Personalised clock — Your love has stood the test of time and you want to celebrate that! Get both your names, your wedding date and year, and a small personalised message engraved on the clock.

Alright, you are hung up on flowers and simply cannot imagine not giving your beloved wife flowers on your 1st wedding anniversary. But, how about giving the appropriate flowers instead of the usual red roses?

  1. A lovely bouquet of pansies — Yes, pansy is the flower associated with the 1st year. Did you know that the name ‘pansy’ is derived from the French word ‘pensee’ which means ‘thought’ or ‘remembrance’? This nugget of information can be attached to the bouquet as well.
  2. Fill the house with pansies – a symbol the sweet fragrance of your marriage.

By now you have caught on to the fact that almost all women adore jewellery. Here is a tip: Pearl is the gemstone for the 1st year.

  1. Have her fall in love with you all over again as you slip an exquisite freshwater pearl necklace with a matching bracelet into her hands.
  2. Impress her with your creative streak: wrap a stunning pearl necklace around a bunch of pansies and place it near her pillow for her to see first thing in the morning.

Remember, a woman can live without diamonds but she needs her husband’s love to put the stars in her eyes.

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